Why Farming is Vital to the Economy

Why Farming is Vital to the Economy

Agriculture is one of the main sources of food in America as well as in various countries all around the world. According to the experts, agriculture plays an important role in reducing the poverty rate of a nation. Our economy would definitely become better if our agriculture is doing well. On top of that, the food supply on our tables would be stable if farming is given preferential attention. This is the primary reason why food production through the agricultural sector is vital for the existence of every nation.

Farming in the Early Years

Several decades ago, the economy and employment were both dependent on agriculture. There were no high tech companies back then and life was simple. All we had then were corn fields, rice fields, vineyards, and various fields where farmers grew fruits and vegetables in the traditional way. Farming allowed our forefathers to feed their families, send their kids to good schools, invest in big events, and other important occasions in their lives. As the years go by, we’ve been introduced to high tech developments that have mechanized and revolutionized farming to contribute to a sizeable part of our economy.

Agriculture is the Foundation of Our Economy

Basically, agriculture is the backbone of most economies. As our agriculture sector goes down, our economy will most definitely go with it. Despite the blooming technology nowadays, agriculture is still considered as the crucial sector of an economy. There are several good reasons why it is the foundation of our economy. Here are some of the main reasons why it is considered as vital to our existence.

  • We Get Food from Agriculture – food fuels us with energy, so we can do whatever our daily tasks are. Without it, it would be impossible to make our daily tasks in life. As a result, our economy would never go up if the citizens fail to do what they should contribute to make the economy going. Look at countries that suffer from the shortage of food supply. Sad to say, Africa is one of the countries that isn’t very lucky when it comes to food and other sources of nutrition. On the other hand, countries that are blessed with good agriculture usually have an abundant supply of food for its citizens. As a result, the economy becomes much better and people can do whatever they want as they always have a good supply of food.
  • Employment – in the United States alone, an estimated number of around 1.5 million workers including farmers benefit from agriculture. Imagine how many lives would be affected if we don’t pay attention to agriculture. Where would these workers find their sustenance if not from the farm they tend? Although shopping malls and technology-related businesses have bigger employment rates compared to agriculture, we can’t deny the fact that it contributes a steady work for a lot of people.

Benefits of Good Agriculture

Basically, we are happy and productive when there’s food on the table. The same thing is true with our country and economy. When there’s adequate food provided by the agricultural sector, there are many reasons why an economy would surge and become successful. Here are some of the benefits of good agriculture.

  • Growth in Population – people would love to stick around if there’s enough food for the family. Just like with wild animals, every individual would only stay in a place if he feels secured food- wise. However, you can expect less population in countries with an unstable agriculture. Normally, an unstable agriculture would mean a poor source of food for its people. Who would love to stay in a country that can’t feed its people? For all we know, countries like Africa and other starving countries don’t attract businessmen and tourists to stay and live there. It’s not a liveable place to stay either for business or family.
  • Improvement of Complex Society, Culture, and Lifestyle – we can only expect an improvement when the agricultural sector works great. If not, then there’s a small chance of getting good things from our economy. The development and improvement of complex society, lifestyle of the citizens, and the preservation of culture can only be attained with a good agricultural sector. Other than that, you need to work hard on the industrial sector if you want significant improvements. It is a fact that most nations started from farming which means that we are more adept to improvements if it’s coming from the agricultural sector. Improvements on the agricultural sector would lead to more industries.
  • Great Settlement for Humans – as mentioned above, people would only settle or stay in a place if it has a good supply of food. We all know that no individual would stay in a country that lacks in food regardless of how much money he earns in that place. After all, where would he spend money he earns if the country is having a hard time sustaining the food for its people?  A country can only be established in terms of food supply if it has a good agricultural sector. If not, then you can’t expect a good flow of food throughout the country. More often, there would be a chaos among the citizens especially if many people starve. This is why agriculture plays a very important role when it comes to the economy of a country.
  • Diversification of Work – agriculture has paved the way for the diversification and specialization of work. Nowadays, we enjoy doctors, scientists, engineers, and other professions that make our lives much easier. Thanks to agriculture, we don’t have to hunt for our food which takes up most of our time since farmers do it for us. Without agriculture, each of us would scamper to produce or source our own foodstuff for the family. Agriculture is as important as any of the essential sectors of our society. It greatly contributes in making our economy to thrive and succeed.

It can’t be denied that the agricultural sector of a country is basically a vital part of its economy. Without it, survival of its people is always an issue. If there’s no food, then the economy is affected. There would be massive discontentment and chaos would rule the land. And ultimately, peace and order would be a problem to everyone. The scarcity of food is always a top priority to solve for every country. It could lead to a more complicated problem if it is not addressed timely. It is along this line that many countries give their farming industries a boost. It comes in various terms like government assistance through soft loans, seeds and modern technological developments that would improve production.

In general, agriculture is one among the most important factors of the successful economies of most agricultural based countries. Without it, there would be no massive improvements in the other sectors that would propel their economies. There would be no shopping centers to sell farm products, or factories that build farming machineries as well. And more importantly, farming provides the food on our tables to sustain our physical strength.

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