Energy Efficient Windows: The Basics

Energy Efficient Windows: The Basics

What are energy efficient windows? Letís use an analogy first. If, say, youíre boiling water and you accidentally touch the kettle while itís still on the stove, you would feel the heat. The heat originally came from the fire on the stove that has flowed to the kettle, which has then flowed to your finger. Heat passes through things. Look at your window as a thermal hole. Heat and energy passes through it.

So energy efficient windows are those that are able to keep heat and energy in or out of your home (or office, or any place, for that matter). We actually try to make our windows energy efficient by using thick curtains. The curtains are able to block heat from coming in when itís hot or keep heat from going out when itís cold. Itís the same basic concept for energy efficient widows, only on a larger scale.

The high initial cost for these windows is usually a turn off for people but if you get to know what you get in return, the benefits in terms of savings as well as comfort, then the initial costs are very much reasonable. Also, these windows are very durable, most are expected to last up to 20 years, so the costs for replacement are lessened as well.

Benefits of Energy Efficient Windows

Energy Savings: You will be able to save on your energy bills. Based on calculations, an energy efficient window can practically pay for itself in 2 to 10 years, depending on the size of the window, the material used and the installer. Because of the heat being kept out or trapped in, you have less need for heat conditioning and air conditioning. As we know, those are two of the most expensive and energy consuming things that we have in our homes.

Comfort: You will be more comfortable in your home because of energy efficient windows. Youíll have less cold spots and less hot days. This means that you can sleep more comfortably, work more efficiently and generally function in a better way.

Peace and Quiet: Aside from trapping heat, energy efficient windows are also able to trapping noise. So if you have thus type of window, youíll also have a kind of sound proofing. This, again, enables you to rest better or even work better when at home.

Durability: These windows are generally more durable than other types. Because of that, they last longer and we donít need to keep replacing our windows. That are also easier to maintain.

Materials Used for Energy Efficient Windows

There are typically 3 choices for this: glass, pane spacers, or something in between. Glass is the most efficient in terms of energy and heat saving. A coating of metal oxide is used to lessen the amount of heat that escapes from the glass. This is called the Low- E glass, in technical terms.

Pane spacers or warm edge pacers are used to keep two panes of glass apart. They are set in the inside edges of the window. Pane spacers with less metal are more efficient.

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