Bed Bugs: What are They and How to Prevent Them

Bed Bugs: What are They and How to Prevent Them

Bed bugs are those little red bugs that usually bit you when you sleep because they are nocturnal. They donít fly or jump. They simply crawl up to you and feed on you while you are unaware. When they feed, they actually turn even brighter red and swell up a bit.

Even if they are small, they can easily be seen by the naked eye but they can hide themselves well. They usually use your bed mattress, the cracks on the wall, floor or furniture or box springs as their hiding place.

How Do You Know You Have Bed Bugs At Home?

There are certain signs that would alert you that bed bugs are residing in your home. The first thing you might notice is that you get itches on your skin, very similar to mosquito bites. This is from a bed bugís bite. You might also see some blood smear on your bed sheet if you accidentally crushed a bug while sleeping. The bugs might also have left their feces on your beddings, leaving very small black spots. You may also see some of their dried skin from their shedding.

Of course, since bed bugsí bites are very similar to bites of mosquitos, ticks, or fleas, the best way to make sure that you have bed bugs are to actually catch them in action.

How Do You Get Rif Of Bed Bugs?

Prevention is still, as always, better than cure. The best way to prevent them is to regularly clean your home. Unfortunately, this is not an assurance that you wonít have bed bugs because they are very good at hitch hiking. If you travel, they may get into your luggage and you will unknowingly bring them home. Your visitors could be their means of transportation as well.

It would help if you vacuum regularly and wash your clothes with hot water. If you plan on spraying to kill them, make sure you pray on them directly as dried sprays do not do much good.

But how do you ultimately get rid of them? Call a Pest Control Operator. They know what theyíre doing. And since bed bugs are hard to kill because they are hard to catch, the service of a professional is going to be your best option.

You cannot use pesticides yourself, only a professional can do this, which is another reason that getting the service of a PCO is needed. They also have methods that do not contain chemicals if that is your choice. They will keep your things (non- infested) in sealed bags when the treatment is being done. Infested things will also be sealed until they are already treated. Clutter removal is also important as bed bugs can easily hide in any cluttered area. Steam will be used for areas that are hard to reach.

You can find pest control companies online or on the yellow pages. Make sure you do your research about the company first before you decide on hiring them.

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