Addressing Sex Issues in Marriage Counseling

Addressing Sex Issues in Marriage Counseling

Sex is undeniably a driving force for many paths of a certain relationship, and this is often one issue raised for couples who undergo marriage counseling. For some, the problem may be the loss of it ñ which can often be equated to time ñ and for some, the problem may be excess of it, which is often characterized by extramarital affairs.

Whatever it is, one cannot deny the fact that sex is a huge factor in a coupleís life, and one that cannot be neglected or put aside when it comes to talking about strengthening relationships.

Understanding Sex

  • Connection between couples is also defined by the nature of their sex lives. Intimacy is also an essential part of a relationship and cannot be neglected.
  • Sexual intimacy is not merely about having sex: it has everything to do with knowing how to set a connection with your partner, even if it is just through kissing.
  • Women are more complicated when it comes to sex: for her to truly enjoy the experience, youíd have to always start with the brain, which basically means to set the mood for it and make her feel wanted. Timing and the environment are primary factors that set the mood for women.
  • Mean are easier to please and arouse, which can start with a glance, a touch, or a simple kiss.
  • Excitement can change over time and with the degree of familiarity with your partner.

Improving Your Sex Life: Tips From Marriage Counseling

  • Have the right attitude. A common misconception that women have about men is that men just want to get laid. Most people who go to marriage counseling open the problem that they are not satisfied with their partnerís actions in bed. For women, it is important to understand that having sex is one of manís way to feel connected to you, because it makes him feel loved and appreciated.
  • Think positively. Part of the reason why women are not so inclined with sex is due to the negative connotation that the word has earned, and this is exemplified by couples who go to marriage counseling. Sex is viewed for women as giving something up and therefore making themselves more vulnerable. Having the right attitude and thoughts about sex would help in making women more comfortable and open about it.
  • The importance of foreplay. One of the problems that men face is that women, especially their wives, seem to do sex for the sake of doing it and getting it over with. The problem, however, is not just with them. You, as a man, would have to make her feel wanted: show her that her feelings are important and that you would want to pleasure her in the same way that she could pleasure you. Knowing this could significantly improve her mood and thus make you more satisfied.

It is important to note that a significant portion of couples who go to marriage counseling are there due to problems with sex. It is important to understand for both men and women that sex is important in a marriage, and that those who are satisfied with their own sex lives are less prone to stray and have an extramarital affair.

The idea that couples must acknowledge especially for those who go to marriage counseling is that sex is something that is as important as time and often becomes a driving force for many actions and decisions in your relationship.

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